About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to minister the love of God to the poor, needy and homeless in North San Diego County through the provision of food, clothing, hygiene, shelter, counseling, education, job training, and health care.


Values Statement

Our values are to inspire hope and desire to continue living in those we serve; to show excellence in all we do; to have leadership based on servant hood; to have respect for each person as an individual; and to treat all with dignity.


Philosophy Statement

Our philosophy as a faith-based ministry is to operate in an entrepreneurial manner, expecting to expand in numbers, programs, and locations. We strive to be challenged with fresh vision and strategies that originate with the President and are refined and approved by the Board of Directors prior to implementation.


Identity Statement

We strive to be known in the community as a faith-based, entrepreneurial, trusted, valuable outreach to the poor, needy and homeless in North San Diego County through our services, programs and ministries.

For more information contact The Encouragement Center:
Phone 760.271.8331
Fax 760.438.9927
Email [email protected]
P.O. Box 4350 Carlsbad, CA 92018

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Board of Directors

Tina Marino

Founder/Exec Director

Dave Henry


Patti Fowler


Cece Stone

Vice President - Volunteers Director

Victoria Woodward

Vice President - Fundraising Director

Talia Adams

Vice President -

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Board of Advisors

Tom Thompson

Elaine Lyttleton

Joe Molina

Eric Kirby
Pastor Curtis Maloy
(Im memory of Curtis 10/19/2007)
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